Weak Midwest Tea

Nebraska’s Tea Party Congressional representation demonstrated impressive lock-step talking point delivery following the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Obamacare subsidies. Each expressed heartfelt disappointment that this “terribly flawed” law will stand. Each promised to abolish the ACA and put in its place “patient-centered” health care solutions.

But there are two problems with such statements. First, the law, by every available measure, is working exactly as planned in helping millions of Americans obtain health care coverage that was previously out of reach. Even in states like Nebraska, where our “leaders” have shunned the law’s benefits on ideological grounds, it is working to improve the lives of tens of thousands. Meanwhile nationally, overall health care costs are falling, deficits are shrinking, markets are soaring, and the jobless rate is at 5.5%.

Second, if one were gullible enough to support repeal of Obamacare based on this empty rhetoric, keep in mind a vague promise is not an “alternative.” Repeal would not result in a “patient-centered” plan from Republicans, because no such plan exists.

I get that Tea Party libertarians desperately want the president’s greatest legislative achievement to fail. But wanting something is not the same as having it.

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