Lessons Learned (No. 1: Don’t Be a Fool)

At the point where true progressives get over their hurt feelings and philosophical angst (leaving purist non-progressive revolutionaries to do whatever they wish to do rather than vote for Clinton), there are a few very promising results to celebrate regarding this presidential primary season.

  1. New voters are registering in droves – the vast majority of them registering as Democrats. Two reasons for this: 1) Bernie Sanders’ social democracy movement; 2) the bizarre Republican nominee
  2. The Democratic Party has nominated a non-white-male person for President – two times in a row. Black Lives Matter. Women are not the “weaker” sex (nor are they “suspect” for wanting to lead in “traditionally” male roles). These truths are finally catching on in at least one of the two parties, among at least its non-white-male members.
  3. “Bad” candidate Hillary Clinton will defeat the GOP “uber-bad” candidate with help from these new voters, who have been energized and galvanized by the events of this spirited Democratic race (most of which are normal if extremely party-centric, “rigged” in the same way it has always been rigged and run by humans who have always had their own agendas). This promises three positive results: 1) down-ticket Democrats can very possibly reclaim the Senate (though not the House as it is truly rigged) so an actual progressive agenda has a chance in Congress; and 2) a newly progressive Washington can be amenable (in measured steps) to the brand-new social democracy agenda introduced by the Sanders group this year. (If you think that’s not good enough, imagine the fate of Sanders’ fledgling agenda under a GOP gone insane but holding the White House/Congress/Supreme Court.) The biggie – 3 – a newly reconstituted Supreme Court that no longer defines its mission as “protecting corporations and the status quo.”
  4. You may not ‘want’ Clinton as president (we have been trained by a decades old right-wing hit squad to distrust her) but I promise you will prefer her “incremental” positive change to the dark alternative. The GOP has already caved to their nominee’s authoritarian refusal to become human, to stop spewing racist bile – imagine what he could do with these sycophantic hypocrites running Congress and the Supreme Court for him. Il Duce? He will make Mussolini look like a sleepy pussycat. He will make Putin look like a statesman. He will at some point make the vast majority of U.S. citizens feel like decent German citizens did on Krystallnacht. (It’s a valid comparison, because like Germany in 1938, the whitebread Sanders “revolutionaries” won’t be the target of “Make America Great Again” pogroms – it will be Mexicans, Muslims and African-Americans who bare the brunt of the movement.) As with practically everything else he has attempted in his pathetic existence, he will bring this nation down like a cheap casino or fake “University”, and end it by grabbing the spoils of our national disaster for himself while shafting everyone else. Because to him that’s “winning”.

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