Bern the Witch?

It’s convenient for Hillary haters that she’s a woman, because in this society a woman has a much higher bar to acceptance as a political leader than any given man, and especially an old white man.

You can’t score political points against Bernie or even Trump by insulting his clothes, his wrinkles, his thighs, his ass or even his crazy hair (ahem, Trump?), or really any personal attribute. No, the political effectiveness of these “attractiveness” insults is reserved for the female candidates alone. Or, as we’ve seen lately, it may also be deployed against the wives of male candidates, for whom ugliness or (God forbid) overt sensuality is the ultimate political crime.

In fact, a study I was just reviewing showed that many Americans tend to start with “distrust” of any woman who seeks political power or even asks for their vote. Sound familiar? If you think you’re a progressive, think for a minute more why you “hate” Hillary so much more than Bill (still one of the top-rated politicians in the country), or why you’d rather have a disastrous Trump presidency.

Bill I find it telling that so many “progressives” (that word is now dead by the way) who said little against Bill Clinton when he was in office (maybe because they had good jobs?) now reflexively blame his wife for everything bad that happened during his administration. Yet at the time, she was excoriated (and kicked out of the process) for being a “buttinsky” First Lady – you know, trying to help reform Health Care, which apparently is a man’s job.

Also interesting that the word “liar” is being tossed at the candidate with such cavalier abandon. I would read your propaganda links, bro, but it’s easier to check Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact, which confirms that Hillary Clinton has the best honesty rating of any of the candidates, including Bernie Sanders. Oh, yeah, that’s “mainstream” info – “establishment” data. Probably rigged, like every single Democratic primary, all the vote counts, all the delegate counts. All rigged. Have you bros thought of forming a Progressive Tea Party? As conspiracy theorists, you will have more to commisserate about with them than with Democrats.

Hillary Bernie

Sorry none of this fits into the political purity/socialist paradise narrative. Life is funny that way, and there’s no such thing as political purity. Go ahead, back your candidate. Please – concentrate on that. Personally, I think Bernie would be an OK president, but it’s hard to say since all I hear from his supporters is how criminal everybody else is. I have no interest in trashing him, since he’s a legit candidate. His backers deserve their voice and their shot. But if anyone can whine, the Democrats would seem to have more of a right to complain about election hi-jinks, since Sanders is not even a member of the party he’s attempting to take control of. But notice – they don’t. They are not screaming epithets at Sanders as if he’s some kind of evil monster. They are grown ups trying to let the process work.

In any event, I’d think twice before making a sexist fool of myself in pursuit of the nonexistent ideal and highly unlikely “revolutionary” change being promised. (Remember “Hope and Change?” There’s this thing called Congress…they don’t play nice.)

The only reason to fear women in authority is a kind of insecurity you guys probably don’t want to be known for.

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