What is Trey Gowdy Waiting for?

Congressman Trey Gowdy runs the 5th annual select Congressional Witch Hu..I mean Committee on Benghazi, otherwise known as the Stop Hillary At All Costs Committee. With all due respect to Benghazi, and those 4 dead people, the committee’s real interest has been in either finding or fabricating a “smoking gun” that would let the American People know just how much the GOP hates the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. Gowdy says, “Just wait…we have big news…” This was several months ago, after Clinton handed the Committee’s GOP members their asses in her now-famous “eye roller” appearance before them. Since then, the FBI has been carefully gathering its “evidence”, but we hear nothing else from the group.

Now I get it. Gowdy is waiting for the primary results to shake out. If Bernie gets the nomination they can just sit tight and let the Koch’s $900 million worth of “Honeymoon in Russia” ad buys do their work (look it up), along with every right winger on the planet laser-focused on message: “America is not a socialist society. Capitalism is our way of life.” (Here’s the ad: slo-mo images of sun-kissed Old Glory waving along with fields of grain and kids playing baseball, affluent grandpa serving up a turkey a la Norman Rockwell – meanwhile the concerned motherly female voice-over – “America was built on the spirit of independence and personal freedom, where anyone can strive to realize their dreams. Do you want your grandchildren to grow up in the good old USA?” – images now abruptly switch over to slower-mo Hammer/Sickle overlaying Bernie’s angry-looking face, red flags waving in a barren field, gray drab room full of angry-looking brown-uniformed bureaucrats scowling at the camera – motherly voice becomes ominous now “…or the (big “Soviet” block letters cover the screen) USSA? Vote Ted Cruz in November. Vote for freedom.” Cue GOP landslide.

But if Hillary wins – what then? Hillary isn’t a commie. Simple. The day after she takes the nomination, announce her indictment for crimes against the United States. What crimes? Well, passing on classified e-mail on a non-secure server is plenty for them to work with. Sure, it’s not really that big a deal, and she probably couldn’t have realized the stuff she received in her In Box would later be classified, or in a couple cases already was classified, and at bottom some 99% of classified stuff is unnecessarily classified, and a conviction would be difficult to get. Sure. But the law is the law, and politics ain’t beanbag, and $900 million is $900 million, and every minute she’s under indictment she’s vulnerable, distracted – and losing.

This could well be the strategy behind the current lawlessness of the Senate majority, refusing to perform its duty under the Constitution. Why bother with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee when the White House is a lock?

On the plus side, I still don’t think it will work. I’m beginning to think the woman could go 15 rounds with Sugar Ray and not even take a corner.

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