Vote Wrong and Die

As an American, do you feel threatened? Because you are being threatened. There are elements in this world who want to frighten you–to terrorize you, so to speak–into voting their way. They want you to make your choice in November based not on a sober assessment of the candidates but on fear for your safety.

These international thugs know that a rational decision process will not favor their agenda. They seek to spread fear and insecurity among Americans in order to sway the election and help their cause. Their cause is not one of freedom and sovereignty for the world’s nations. Instead, they envision a global transformation, where all governments adopt their idea of God’s prescribed government, culture and way of life. And as we have seen, any nation that refuses to adhere to their new global order will face the consequences of a doctrine that has established unprovoked attack as a legitimate weapon to wield against perceived enemies, regardless of whether they are a threat to peaceful nations.

These ideologues will stop at nothing, for they are driven not by a desire for justice and equality but by a narrowly defined ideology. Faced with the prospect of a democratic election in a nation divided by war and competing ideas, they have chosen not to enjoin the democratic process in a fair contest but to undermine the mechanisms of democracy by spreading fear and mistrust among the populace. Their goal is clear: to distract the voting public from issues that are important to them with violence and the threat of more violence to come. In effect, their message is, “vote our way, or you will be attacked with even more ferocity than before.”

Not all who follow these groups are as fanatical as their leaders. Many are merely following the same leaders who promised to help their common cause in the past. They have not yet come to realize that as their leaders preach morality they practice an immoral war; that as their spokesmen call for the “truth” about their enemies they spread unfounded deception designed to distort that very truth; that even as they seek to convince us of the honor of their cause, they cannot hide from the dishonor of their actions past and present–which are characterized not by the brave valor they seem to value but by bullying, fear-mongering, deception and lies.

But America is still, for now, a democracy. We do have the right to choose. So please remember, when you make your choice, that no one can bully you into choosing their way. Remember that you have a right–a duty–to make the choice that you feel will best serve the country and the peaceful nations of the world. And that choice should be based on a rational weighing of the facts, not on suggestions of cataclysms to come should you make the “wrong” choice.

After all, it is our greatest patriots, the fathers and mothers of our nation, who sacrificed the prospect of personal safety to stand up to those who would deny us a government based on fair representation, a government “of the people.” Don’t let those who have no concept of such a sacrifice deny you the power to make an informed and rational choice for the candidate you believe will help lead us in honor and in courage against those who would threaten us into believing we no longer have that choice.